Gelatomio Lounge @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

April 20, 2010

The gelato craze that's sweeping the city hasn't spared Pavilion.

These chilly, creamy confections are surprisingly good here, particularly several alcohol-laced flavours that come in various preparations, including teppanyaki-style.

A double whammy of tiramisu & zabaione gelati. Soft, smooth and not too sweet.

Waffle topped with rum gelato. The taste of booze is subtle, but definitely there.

Croissant stuffed with Cointreau orange gelato. A creatively different way of enjoying croissants. Portions here are pretty generous too.

Green tea ice cream cake. Looked unappetizing, but tasted terrifically milky.

Crepe topped with rum & raisin gelato. Even though gelato is their focus, all their pastries are impeccably prepared too.

Gelatomio Lounge,