GE13 Disgustation @ Bistro a Table

June 21, 2013

No recount necessary: Bistro a Table should secure a landslide victory & be elected into the Parliament of Palate-Pleasuring, thanks to its latest degustation dinner that skewers the many mishaps of Malaysias 2013 national polls.

This "Disgustation" menu, an outrageously imaginative, one-of-a-kind melding of French & Malaysian elements, is being offered twice: on June 3 & once more next month on July 1. Fittingly, customers may choose to wear black to this culinary cri de couer.

The opening course is called "Phantom Voters," a mouthwatering manifesto of vine-ripened tomatoes stuffed with akhrote ka raita, alongside Hokkaido scallop ceviche with jalapeno pepper & cucumber.

Chinese Tsunami: A far-from-disastrous combination that supplies a tidal wave of savory flavor, comprising pan-seared Atlantic cod with squid consomme & Hojishu tempura. What more could customers want? This wins our vote for favorite dish.

Edible Delible Ink: Squid ink pasta, a la mee goreng, with bottarga & sea urchin cream. Chef Isadora Chai might charge us with sedition if we attempted to (falsely) accuse this of being less than utterly slurp-worthy.

Blackout! The restaurant is plunged into unexpected darkness midway through our meal, sparking suspicions of severe irregularities in the kitchen.

When the lights return, these parcels have suddenly surfaced on our tables, bearing a bonus: Tandoori frog legs with parsnip chips. Every election might be plagued by frogs, but few ever turn out to be as welcome & wonderful as Bistro a Tables.

Janji Di Chapati & Ini Kari Lah: Toasted chapati with goats cheese & pasilla pepper, to be dunked into mussels in curried cream. Customers should campaign for this addictive concoction to be placed on the restaurants long-term menu.

Gerrymandering: Guinea fowl roulade with Hara Shorva, duck confit with house-cured duck prosciutto, tomato mousse & cold yogurt soup with mint. Might seem like fowl play, but we trust this is perfectly proportioned in every way.

1Malaysia: Modernized ice cendol, comprising shaved ice coconut cream with Gula Melaka, kahlua sago pearls & Creme de Menthe cendol. A refreshing, liquor-laced recipe that might help slightly to ease the bitter taste that the elections left in many mouths.

The GE13 Disgustation menu costs RM190++ per person, plus RM70++ for optional wine pairing. Dont be perturbed if the service teams fingers look stained while pouring your wine; indelible ink isnt poisonous (or is it?).

Bistro a Table,
Jalan 17/54, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7931-2831