December 24, 2010

Garibaldi: Round Two. Click here for earlier entry (Dec. 23).

Amuse bouche of ricotta cheese with walnuts. Sumptuously soft and smooth, with an intriguing interplay of milky and nutty tastes.

Spinach cappellacci stuffed with cod fish mousse, accompanied by mussels & saffron sauce. Comfort food for seafood fans. Brimming with the sea's sweet and salty flavors, this seemed like one of those simple spreads that could be served at Venice's waterfronts.

Pan-seared sea bass fillet in Mediterranean "Guazzetto" broth. Fresh-tasting fish in a tangy sauce. Not the most inspired recipe, but a seemingly healthy, reasonably well-prepared one.

Pecorino Romano Salato. Hard aged salted sheep milk cheese with honey.

Apple pie with vanilla gelato. A pleasant surprise; instead of being the typical tart-like confection, the pie was more of a fluffy sponge cake with sweet bits of apple inside.

Zabaione (mixed berries with pistachio gelato & gratinated marsala wine sabayon). The most luscious of desserts, decadently cold and creamy.

Blange F.lli Ceretto (Ameis). Wines are steeply priced here; the cheapest by the glass costs RM30, while there are virtually no options for the bottle below RM100.

Sensitive Blink (sambuca, baileys, fresh cream) & Gianduja (frangelico, chocolate, grey goose). Garibaldi offers enough choices of cocktails and shooters to slay a live Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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