G.SIX @ The Gardens Mid Valley

January 13, 2010

Nestled on the same floor as Sage, G.SIX brings a semblance of nightlife to Mid Valley.

It's a sleek, inviting space, with a playlist that seems dominated by '90s music.

The menu is limited, but the food is well-prepared (though it takes ages to arrive). The sugarcane prawns were fresh, sweet, meaty and perfectly paired with the Thai mayo.

Crumbed scallops with wasabi mayo dip. Seemed more like fishcakes than scallops, but still a crisp, piping-hot pleasure.

Deep-fried camembert cheese with raspberry sauce. Absolutely addictive.

Otak-otak spring rolls. Kinda bland, lacking the flavour punch that you get with the best types of otak-otak. Still, more than good enough for finger food.

Bacardi Daiquiri (bacardi limon, lime, sugar) & Apple Martini (apple rum, lime press).

G.SIX Club,
The Gardens.