January 21, 2011

Living up to its name, this restaurant features sparklingly friendly service.

Can't complain about the mango & apple salad with wasabi dressing _ it tasted exactly as expected. No second-rate ingredients, mercifully.

Chicken-&-egg burger. Forgettable. But in our semi-sober state, we became philosophically flustered by the juxtaposition of the egg with the chicken _ the first never had the chance to truly live, the second survived for awhile, but both ended up on the same plate.

Farfalle in veggie sauce. This light, fuss-free preparation provided a refreshing change from the creamy, complicated pastas we've had in recent times.

Dory fish fillet with pesto sauce & mashed potatoes. Fairly fresh, but uninspiring. A one-dimensional dish, both in taste and texture.

Cherry Hooker (cherry brandy, orange juice) & Honey Green Tea.

Drink & Die (vodka, sambuca, tabasco sauce) & Chocolate Martini (creme de cacao, vodka).

Damansara Perdana.