Fiercer by Fierce Curry House @ Solaris Dutamas

November 29, 2013

Its a fine week to be Fierce: KLs biryani professionals have unveiled their new outpost, Fiercer, a relatively upscale interpretation of their Bangsar curry house.

 Fiercer retains its big brothers friendly casualness, transplanted into a modern restaurant-bar setting that suits its Solaris Dutamas surroundings, with strains of "Besame Mucho" playing on the speakers.

The menus limited at this early, soft-opening stage, comprising mainly the classics ...

 ... a variety of Hyderabadi Dum biryani that taste as terrific as Fierces originals ...

... packing plenty of potent flavor, heat & moisture to be unlocked beneath a doughy swaddle in custom-made steel bowls.

 Muttons probably our favorite (RM22+, with mixed raita, pickled veggie acar & gravy), thanks to the robust punch of the tender meat that layers the rice ...

 ... though chicken (RM20+) is certainly no slouch in supplying satisfaction ...

 ... while fish (RM20+) furnishes fragrance, not foulness ...

 ... & a vegetarian-appropriate rendition (RM14+) brims with bean curd for Meatless Mondays.

 Its likely that Fierces premium biryani _ lobster, scallops, crab & more _ will become available later, along with a wider range of other food & beverages.

 What makes us giddy with glee: Wines offered at Fiercer, costing RM20+ per glass.

 Nice start for Fiercer; will there be a Fiercest eventually? We sure hope so.

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Fiercer by Fierce Curry House
D1-G3-5, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. Behind Publika, kinda beside Barfly
Daily, 11am-11pm (1am Friday & Saturday)

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