Elixir @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

January 11, 2010

Taking over what was formerly Flam's, Elixir offers mind-blowingly wicked cocktails.

This is one of the best lounges around; service is sparkling, the setting is super-comfy, the decor is gorgeous and the music is maintained at the perfect volume for chatting.

The friendly Russian mixologist recommended some absinthe shooters, which he prepared according to the "Bohemian Method."

A sugar cube is set ablaze for nearly a minute and allowed to caramelize before being dropped into the glass to ignite the absinthe.

The absinthe fumes are captured in a larger glass that is swiftly covered up. Inhale the fumes through a straw after gulping down the absinthe for a real rush to the head.

A wide range of Asian, European and Russian-themed cocktails is available. We loved the Yellow Phoenix (mango, passionfruit, vodka, sugar syrup, chilli pepper) and Jade Purse (apple, shiso leaves, calvados, lemon juice, absinthe).

Emperor's Elixir (single malt whisky, ginger, d.o.m. benedictine, vanilla syrup) and Wolfberry Whisper (passionfruit, grapefruit, gin, wolfberries).

Customers who need some bites can sit outside and have food brought over from Bermuda & Onion next door.

Changkat Bukit Bintang.