EEST @ Westin KL

July 1, 2010

Here's a dinner most "fowl" at EEST, a captivating choice for Chinese cuisine.

Quail & qinghai aweto blossom tonic. A traditional broth with medicinal benefits for the lungs. With each warm, sweet spoonful, we could almost sense its nutrition flow into our veins. Well, OK, that's probably just psychological.

Ching Yuen free-range chicken with chili oil. A cold, succulent starter.

Teochiew-style goose with braised peanuts, marbled quail eggs & silken tofu. A bit bland, but this high-protein recipe still worked well as comfort food.

BBQ baby duck with dressed mache & hoisin sauce. Pretty tender, but less meaty and more bony than regular duck meat.

Shatin pigeon with spring onion ginger flower buns. Highly recommended, thanks to its pleasant tea-smoked flavour and plump flesh.

Cranberry & hibiscus juice.

Some strange cocktails: Vanillatini (vodka, creme de cacao white, hazelnut) & My Mama (Japanese avocado, vodka, kalamansi, beer).

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