Dreamz Bakery & Cookie Box @ Kota Damansara

August 5, 2012

Sweetening up our weekend with a pair of sugar stops in Kota Damansara, starting with the super-cheerful Dreamz bakery cafe.

Love the look of this veritable wonderland tucked away on the first floor of a commercial block.

Fresh, creamy mille-crepe cakes are a highlight here; try the sole alcoholic one, laced with rum and raisins for a lovely kick.

 Macarons, RM3.80 each, in delicate flavors of orange, mint, mocha and blueberry.

Chocolate and coffee beverages are available, pleasant though unmemorable.

Wish we could keep our hands steady enough to craft such coffee art.

Cookies are also sold here for takeaway. Maybe we'll return for some sometime.

Need some more sweets? Cookie Box, also at Kota Damansara, is another option.

A Cookie Monster cupcake, alongside a Red Velvet one. Both moist and flavorsome enough, though probably only worth trying if you're already in this neighborhood.

Bright colors combine with saccharine fragrances in the air to make Cookie Box a hideout that many children might revel in.

Do these doll-cakes come alive at night when everyone has left? Spooky...

Dreamz Bakery, 
32-1, Jalan PJU 5/20D, Kota Damansara.
Open noon-10pm, closed Tuesdays.
Cookie Box,
Sunsuria Avenue, Kota Damansara.