Dinner @ The Red Beanbag

May 5, 2012

When we first had brunch at The Red Beanbag in December, we asked a member of its team whether they'd ever start operating for dinner. He smiled and said, "someday." Beanbaggers, behold: that day has come.

Extending its business hours through 10pm starting this week, RBB has expanded its menu; a simple but satisfyingly sweet and creamy pumpkin soup (RM15+) should please the legion of customers who've come to know this cafe in the past five months and collectively turned it into one of Solaris Dutamas' most talked-about eateries.

Mussels and clams in wine broth. Delicious, with rich reserves of brininess, but seems overpriced at RM35+ for a less-than-princely portion.

A fun facet of RBB: the cute names for its recipes. Salmon and Delilah (RM29.90+), soy-glazed fish steak with roasted pumpkins and potatoes _ not a masterwork of Biblical proportions but still mighty enjoyable.

Piping-hot potato skins stuffed with subtly spiced chicken sausages and mozzarella cheese (RM18+), mercilessly addictive, sufficient to send us into a starch-fed stupor.

The Leeky Duck (RM28.90+), smoked duck breast with leek and duck broth on a bed of spaghettini. Evoking an Oriental feel, this might be the preferred option for a Chinese matriarch who's more accustomed to mee sua than linguine carbonara. 

Trouty Mouth (RM18+), an open-face sandwich we gleefully gobbled. Smoked salmon, capers, lightly scrambled eggs and avocado on toasted sourdough.

Faithful followers will be heartened to hear that RBB has retained fan favorites like The Odd Cod (RM32.90++), pan-roasted marinated cod fish with anchovy butter sauce and spinach. 

Tale of an Ox (RM35.90+), slow-cooked oxtail with carrot puree, mash and sauteed veggies in balsamic sauce. We can't blame oxtail for being bony, though blandness can be corrected.

Chocolate Guinness cake (RM12.90+), dense but somehow not decadent.

Cherry tart with vanilla ice cream (RM10+). Fresher and fluffier than expected. 

Tim-Tam Slam _ hot chocolate with chocolate biscuits from Down Under.

At last, our liquor has come along. RBB now offers Sangria (RM75+ per jug) for a fruity Friday ...

... Aussie Lindemans Semillon Chardonnay (RM18+ per glass) ...

... Aussie Lindemans Cawarra Shiraz Cab (18+ per glass). Our dry days are over.

Service is still a shining point of RBB, and the nighttime setting sparkles with friendly warmth.
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The Red Beanbag,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Closed Mondays.