Dim Sum @ Tao, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

January 15, 2013

Concluding our Tao trilogy with a look at this lovely restaurants art of dim sum.
Earlier entries on Tao: January 4 & January 11.

Lets not save the best for last: this seafood & mushroom dumpling topped with birds nest (RM38++) ranks among our favorite dishes so far this year, a lavish miracle of taste & texture.

Steamed baby abalone & four caviar dumplings in superior broth (RM30++). One of those delicate, silky-smooth concoctions that give dim sum a great name.

Taos executive chef Wong Lian You was kind enough to customize our chee cheong fun: these rice noodles were supposed to be stuffed only with scallops & kai lan (RM16++), but he threw in foie gras for an extra RM60++, making each mouthful a decadent delight.

Steamed "fried fish maw," chicken & jade abalone rolls (RM14++). Expertly executed, but with so many marvels for this meal, this wasnt the star of the show.

Steamed crystal dumplings with prawns & black truffles (RM16++). The sole disappointment, since the truffles had scant effect on what tasted like ordinary har gow.

Bountifully stuffed soft-shell crab spring rolls (RM18++). Munch munch, crunch crunch.

Deep-fried black pepper smoked duck wrapped with sweet potato & cheese (RM17++). Somewhat like a meaty-gooey croquette, bursting with savoriness.

Deep-fried avocado & banana rolls in crispy dough (RM13.50++). Pasty-soft & gently fruity within, crispy without (best kataifi pastry ever!).

Iced peach tea, a very yummy alternative to regular Chinese tea.

Tao Chinese Cuisine,
InterContinental Hotel, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2782-6128