Delicious @ Marc Residence

May 8, 2010

Scrambling to Marc Residence to taste these sweet treats inspired by New York City's Magnolia Bakery.

Red Velvet with cream cheese & raspberry swirl, in front of the Crazy Carrot with cream cheese. These confections have the look of Magnolia's signature creations almost perfectly right, offering a nice visual change from the usual choices at Bisou, Cupcake Chic and Cuppacakes.

After Eight Chocolate with mint frosting & Classic Vanilla with strawberry frosting. Each of the cupcakes is hefty, justifying the RM6.90 price tag.

Chunky Apple with butterscotch frosting & Bananarama with white choc frosting. Not sure whether we love them; the cupcakes are dense but most of them could be more moist, while some of the toppings are too artificial-tasting.

Devil Dare with 7-minute icing & another Red Velvet.

A side order of onion rings for some savoriness to counter all that sugar.

Returned to Delicious a few days later, but at Bangsar Village this time, to check out their ice cream, including the bubble gum and haw flakes flavours .

Mascarpone & figs, Earl Grey and Horlicks flavours. Could have been creamier.

Original Margarita (tequila, triple sec, fresh lime) & Cocolicious Martini (bailey's, espresso, vanilla ice cream, coffee beans).

Milky cocktails: Dude & the Duchess (bailey's, kahlua, tia maria, chocolate syrup), with Kisses & Misses (bailey's, frangelico).
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MARC Service Residence & Bangsar Village II.