De Kraai & DVijf Broers @ Zaanse Schans, The Netherlands

December 21, 2013

The windmill district of Zaanse Schans represents one of the most ideal day trips from Amsterdam, with plenty of pleasant cafes to feed its visitors.

One eatery, De Kraai, supplied us with sweet & savory snacks after a sunshine-blessed morning of romping in & out of well-preserved windmills in a picturesque village.

Working hard to make the perfect pancakes.

Farmers pancake, brimming with bacon, cheese & onions. A nicely executed, piping-hot mix of carbs, protein & fat _ all the building blocks for a fulfilling recipe.

Pancake with apricot jam, eggnog & whipped cream. Pour some sugar & cinnamon powder on this most pleasurable pancake _ crisp & not too thick or doughy.

What goes well with pancakes? Why, wine of course.

We also stopped by DVijf Broers, a lodging inn bar, for a quick drink.

Idling by the river seemed like the ideal way to spend a breezy afternoon on vacation.

Port & sherry to keep our spirits high.

And some iced lemon tea for the teetotaler.

Cute, curious & seemingly cuddly goats.

But dont feed them; as the sign warns, too much bread & they are dead (gulp!!!).

De Kraai & DVijf Broers, Zaanse Schans, The Netherlands.

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