February 9, 2012

Beware: a barrage of belly-busting burgers lies ahead.

Lamb burger, topped with what tastes like a variation of coleslaw. D'Tree seems to make its own patties _ thick ones with distinctive flavors.

Pork burger with bacon. The problem lies with the preparation; most of the patties are badly charred underneath, undermining the succulent meat.

Beef burger. So which one's our favorite? Probably the lamb, which boasts the most tender texture & aromatic juices of these three options. Maybe some fried eggs would be useful to complement the beef & pork patties.

D'Bianco (white wine, rum, triple sec, lychee liquor, apple juice) & D'Sangria (red wine, vodka, whisky, triple sec, orange juice).

Wolf Blass Bilayra Shiraz (Australia) & Catena Zapata Alomos Malbec (Argentina).

IOI Boulevard, Puchong.