Crayon Burger @ SS15, Subang

January 31, 2013

 MyBurgerLabs unprecedented popularity has opened the floodgates for more funky burgers to storm the suburbs. Some of the best beefiness so far comes from Crayon Burger, which seems set to chalk up rainbow-powered success in Subang.

Crayon Burgers claim to fame: its kaleidoscope of buns, cultivated in colorful hues made possible with natural ingredients. Red yeast yields pink buns, spinach tints bread a pale green, while bamboo charcoal & milk supply their own inimitable shades.

Each bun boasts subtle flavors; this ones fragrant veggie freshness becomes a wholesome counterpoint to the crispy-creaminess of nachos & cheese fondue.

But the primary pleasure still rests in the meat: smashed patties of Aussie grass-fed beef, its chunky succulence similar to MyBurgerLabs (imitation = sincere flattery). Most of the burgers cost about RM15, with bottomless soda & fries requiring an extra RM5.

Peanut butter alert! Savory satisfaction is assured with this behemoth of beef patty, beef bacon, peanut butter & raspberry jam. Sure, its sinful, but Crayon Burgers clientele of college students shouldnt have to fear cholesterol (for now).

Dont dread the Zombie Burger either, perhaps Crayons flagship formation, a poppy-seed bun with a patty smothered in blood-red onion ketchup. Also available with chicken breast patty, but stick to the cow, which delivers bolder flavor & a punchier juiciness.

Our favorite Crayon creation: The Boss (probably not Springsteen-inspired, but who knows), thanks to its eccentric combo of toppings: wasabi mayo, fried egg, onion rings & Swiss cheese. Somehow, it works!

Crayons fries are sufficiently fluffy & fulfilling, though not the star of the show. Another plus point: Crayon opens 11am-10pm, ensuring that queues remain shorter (or even nonexistent), especially throughout daylight hours. Closed Mondays.

Wrapping up with a sweet surprise: Crayons unique dessert burger, built with chilled chocolate, sponge cake, strawberries & kiwi fruit (RM8).

Crayon Burger,
38, Jalan SS 15/4, Subang Jaya, Selangor.