Courtyard Garden @ Damansara

February 17, 2009

Courtyard Garden is a (sub)urban oasis, only half an hour from the city centre.

Unagi rice croquette with tamago sauce. Eel enveloped in glutinous rice, creating a weird blend of tastes. But the texture worked brilliantly.

Foie gras chawanmushi with black truffles. A bit too watery.

Spicy salmon clam broth tagliatelle flamed with white wine and tossed with basil leaves. A hearty portion that tasted pretty decent, but not a must-try.

Wagyu short ribs with truffle mousseline and buttered green asparagus in oriental reduction. Incredibly tender beef that was comfort food at its best. Definitely the highlight of the meal.

Tiramisu ice cream. Seemed too much like a sorbet.

Truffle creme brulee. We expected a clash of flavours, but it was surprisingly tasty. The truffle scent supplied an extraordinary twist to a typical dessert.

Moscow Mule and Mai Tai.

Courtyard Garden,
Damansara Heights.
Tel: 2093-9331