Colors of the Rainbow @ Bistro

December 21, 2011

Bistro a Table's December degustation dinner was triumphantly themed Colors of the Rainbow, with courses crafted to reflect every hue between red & violet.

Better red than dead: Master Kobe Marble Score 11+ carpaccio with pomegranate, baby radish & horseradish cream. Extraordinary thought went into the evening's creations, resulting in chef Isadora Chai's most indelibly complex menu yet. Each recipe looked & tasted remarkable.

Vodka with raspberry puree & fennel. Courses were paired with delicious cocktails designed by Lele Pauletto of Changkat Bukit Bintang's Ciccio.

Orange: Lobster bisque ice cream (!) with bone marrow & pumpkin. Awesome.

Cointreau infused with red & yellow capsicum. Must have been tricky to ensure the cocktails complemented not only the color of each course but also the flavor.

Yellow: Self-saucing ravioli with shaved Alba white autumn truffles. For customers who missed this meal, several dishes _ red, yellow, blue & violet, with minor variations in ingredients _ may still be available on Bistro's current a la carte menu.

Galliano & frangelico with lime & truffle oil (!!!).

Gorgeous green: Spinach-wrapped veal sweetbread with asparagus cream & broad beans. Upcoming degustation dinners _ on the first or second Monday of each month _ are expected to center on meat for January, temperatures for February & Alice In Wonderland for March.

Midori with apple & celery juice.

Blue: Baked blue swimmer crab gratin with gorgonzola blue cheese. Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain; can you cook with all the colors of the rainbow?

Blue 'false' Sangria with blueberry puree.

Indigo: Squid ink pasta with scampi. Executed with elegance & elan.

Tomato consomme with pepper, tabasco sauce & lime.

Violet: Cold casis & thyme souffle with Earl Grey ice cream. A cool coda to a compelling meal.

Sparkling rose wine with Ribena & purple dragon fruit.
Links for Bistro a Table's earlier degustation dinners: August (Everything Weird But Wonderful) & September (Oldie But Goodie).

Bistro a Table,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya.