Coffee In Love

October 17, 2011

KL's caffeine scene looks rosier than ever, now that this beautiful outdoor coffee bar has blossomed at a Hartamas plant nursery.

Coffee In Love's romantic charm could inspire a Shakespearean sonnet; scarcely a minute's drive from Hartamas Shopping Center, this hidden refuge enables customers to swap the urban jungle for a garden paradise.

Liquor-laced cupcakes, sweet for a summery afternoon. We love the Guinness Chocolate cupcake, endowed with a smooth bitterness that complements the confection's creaminess, & really like the Brandy Sugee one, a seldom-seen Eurasian buttery indulgence.

Teetotalers can treat themselves to Oreo & cream cheese carrot cupcakes. Rich & dense, the cake base is jam-packed with bits of cookies & carrots respectively _ much more satisfying than mere flour, flavoring & sugar.

Stop & smell the Columbian beans: espresso, as aromatic as any we've encountered.

Cappuccino, also a pleasure. Coffee In Love currently serves only simple snacks & beverages, but expect them to expand their repertoire in the months ahead.

Worried about heat & humidity? Don't be; the place is totally shaded & littered with electric fans that blend seamlessly with the rest of the quirky decor.

Opening hours seem inconvenient though: 2pm-7pm Tuesdays-Fridays & noon-7pm weekends.

Directions, definitely crucial for this cafe: drive past Hartamas Shopping Center on your left. Keep going for less than 500 meters, then take a slip road on the left into the plant nursery.

You can also come from the opposite direction, from Solaris Dutamas toward Sri Hartamas. Never fear if you miss the slip road; it's pretty easy to backtrack & try again.

Coffee In Love,
Eastern Nursery, Jalan 1/70A, Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019-382-8074 (Alison)