Chef Diary @ Plaza Damansara

September 23, 2009

The new kid on Plaza Damansara's block boasts a surprisingly inventive menu.

From octopus carpaccio with chilli oil to Wagyu beef cubes in coffee reduction, there are enough choices here to whet anyone's appetite.

Butternut squash soup with foie gras and truffle oil. Sweet and nutty. This would be a glorious combo if only the soup were creamier.

Hickory-smoked duck, quail eggs, avocado and apples tossed in cider dressing on a bed of lettuce. A zesty salad, though the duck was a tad too thinly sliced.

Pimento-laced foie gras with black truffle, pomegranate compote and saffron-poached pear. The foie gras was tasty enough, but what wowed us was the soft, luscious pear in the background. Nectarous like honey, with the inimitable perfume of saffron.

Duck tortellini with avocado creme and blue cheese. A creation that blends pasta with avocado sounds heaven-sent. Somehow though, we liked it but didn't love it. It needs something extra to propel it into the culinary stratosphere, but we're not sure what.

Yoghurt-based pizza topped with salmon, avocado, mascarpone and avruga caviar. A thin-crust concoction that sounded like a masterpiece on paper but fell flat in execution. Competently prepared, but tasted boring and forgettable.

Would we return? For sure. The setting is conducive for a pleasant evening; the service is efficient and friendly. This place deserves a chance to find its footing. Let's hope they iron out the kinks in the kitchen soon.

Chef Diary,
Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara.