Caffe Vivo @ Pavilion

August 20, 2010

Caffe Vivo recently took over Italian on Sixth's location at Pavilion, but it almost feels like the same restaurant _ no better, but no worse.

Grissini wrapped with Parma ham. Pork is still a mainstay on the menu here, thankfully. This one sounded interesting, but the ham was dramatically dry, lacking the decadent fattiness and intense flavors that would have won us over.

Seafood risotto, with squid, mussels & prawns, cooked with white wine & tomatoes. Disastrously bland and mushy. Dishes like this are what give risotto a bad name.

All was not lost though; we enjoyed these succulent scallops, nicely seared and wrapped in savory bacon with asparagus, avocados & balsamic glaze.

Creme brulee. Can't find fault with this, but can't praise it either.

Tiramisu. Equally forgettable, though adequate to satisfy a tiramisu craving.

Spritz Al Vino (aperol topped with white wine & sparkling mineral water) & Torresella Sauvignon Blanc, Veneto.

Caffe Vivo,