Bulgogi Brothers @ Paradigm Mall

August 12, 2012

Modern makeovers of Korean restaurants are all the rage in the Klang Valley. First, Namoo on the Park made its mark recently at Publika. Now, Bulgogi Brothers is set to make waves at Paradigm Mall and Pavilion.

Complimentary starters: steamed corn, sugar snap peas and sweet potatoes. The Brothers chain in South Korea and the Philippines substitutes the peas with quail eggs; let's hope this pioneering Malaysian branch follows suit eventually.

Also complimentary at this K-Pop-loving eatery: ultra-creamy pumpkin soup, naturally sweet.

Lovingly crafted heart-shaped beef bulgogi (RM45.90++) is Bulgogi Brothers' pride.  There's an experienced touch here; this franchise was brought to Malaysia by Chaswood Resources, which runs The ApartmentMalonesLaundryBaciBedroomWatami and more.

Grilled to an aching tenderness. Bulgogi Brothers opened this weekend at Paradigm, with the Pavilion follow-up to launch by the first week of September. Expect further outlets at [email protected] and Mid Valley too eventually.

Can't take beef? No prob, there's a chicken equivalent too (RM29.90++), featuring thigh meat marinated for six hours in BB's secret sauce.

Don't dump the dumplings: the seafood-stuffed ones here, served with mussels, shrimp and squid (RM33.90++), make our must-eat sense tingle. Like a cross between keropok lekor and karipap.

Traditional soybean stew with crab, prawn and veggies (RM26.90++). Also well worth slurping up, thanks to a spicy richness that combines the flavors of both land and sea.

Something special: Sweet plum golden-hued wine (RM66++).

Bonus Paradigm stop: returning to Cielo Dolci to check out the current flavors whipped up by gelato-making maestro Ong Kee Win.
Earlier entry on Cielo Dolci: June 3, 2012.

This weekend's wacky gelato and sorbet varieties encompass Cameron Highlands strawberry, banana parsley (!!!), barley lime, lavender-infused Belgian chocolate and peanut butter. Visitors to Paradigm, head to Cielo Dolci for the most satisfying finish possible to a shopping spree.

Bulgogi Brothers,
Ground Floor Boulevard, Paradigm Mall.
Cielo Dolci,
Lower Ground, Paradigm Mall.