October 24, 2010

With a menu that spans some 200 recipes, there's something for everyone at The Boathouse (though a meal here can be a hit-or-miss affair). Where else in TTDI can we find oysters, foie gras, char kuey teow and souffle, all on the same menu?

Oysters with lumpfish caviar. Big, juicy-looking mollusks, but they tasted similar to the mediocre ones typically found at hotel buffet spreads.

The foie gras isn't the best in town, since it falls a bit short of both the decadent creaminess and fatty flavor that we relish in pan-fried liver.

Charbroiled boneless lamb neck muscles, served with hot potato custard. Smoky, tender meat _ tasted like a hearty beef steak, without the usual gaminess of lamb.

Duck egg char kuey teow, topped with crab meat. Not as sensational as Penang's version, but decent enough to match most hawker creations in KL.

Chocolate dark cherry souffle, soaked with rum. Takes 25 minutes to prepare, but worth the wait. A rich chocolate flavor, luscious cherries, a potent infusion of booze, and of course, a beautifully airy texture, all combined for a hugely enjoyable souffle.

Strawberry Margarita. Cocktails here pack a powerful punch.

Mojito & Slow Comfortable Screw (vodka, southern comfort).

The Boathouse,
Jalan Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.