Blackboard @ Sri Hartamas

March 2, 2009

Once in awhile, you find a restaurant that you just have to recommend! Blackboard is such an outlet. No fixed menu, only a blackboard where a small, frequently changing variety of tapas, mains and desserts is offered. Prices are eye-poppingly low; you can get an excellent meal for a steal.

Pink snapper and "big eye" sardine fillets. The very friendly Chef Michel says his blackboard options are based on the freshest items that he can find at the local markets. These were from the Pudu wet market, and they were glorious. Very simple but totally mouthwatering.

Braised beef shin rigatoni with eggplant. Am not usually a fan of penne and rigatoni, but this was another brilliant preparation. Lots of succulent beef chunks inside, with a flavour-packed sauce that went perfectly with the pasta.

Argento Malbec. We didn't order much, but we hope to be back! Blackboard needs more word-of-mouth; business seems pretty slow.


Jalan 27/20A, Desa Sri Hartamas.
Tel: 7353-0953