Bistro Cascata @ Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya

June 18, 2009

A rather well-hidden oasis of good food in Cyberjaya's culinary desert.

The restaurant boasts an impressively vast repertoire of Italian dishes. Servings are very generous, while the food quality ranges from fair to excellent.

Some kinda potatoish appetiser that tasted all right.

Gnocchi tossed in four cheeses (bel paese, fontina, gorgonzola and parmesan) and topped with crispy garlic and broccoli florets. The gnocchi was a tad too chewy, but the sauce was nicely flavourful and creamy.

Pumpkin ravioli cooked with mushrooms and tomato basil sauce. A hearty portion, but the ravioli tasted mass-produced and lacked the wholesome feel of pasta that some other Italian restaurants make themselves.

Pan-roasted Red Rock lobster with shallot cod liver risotto, brown fettuccini veggies and garlic dill sauce. Very comfort foodish.

Baked seafood in paper foil, featuring scallops, mussels, prawns, squid, flower crab, lemon sole and baby potatoes cooked in chilli, garlic, basil, artichokes, clam stock and tomato concasse. A treasure trove of fresh seafood in broth that was yummy to the last slurp.

Palazzo Dei Signori Valpolicella DOC.

Bistro Cascata,
Cyberview Lodge.
Tel: 8312-7000