Bistro a Table revised 3

July 23, 2011

Bistro a Table: Round Four. Earlier entries: June 9, June 12 & July 21.

More from Bistro's refreshed menu: seared U.S. scallops with wilted endives & mandarin jus. Succulent stuff, tuned up with a tangy orange twist that tangoed on our taste buds.

Goat's cheese & pear salad with witlof. For customers who feel that some of this restaurant's recipes sag beneath a buttery, cholesterol-laden weight, this crisp salad might supply guilt-free respite, with dairy goodness & heart-healthy hazelnuts.

Wine-stewed Boston Bay blue mussels in thyme broth. Top-notch mollusks, with a super-fresh juiciness that we seldom see whenever mussels surface in seafood pastas and buffet counters elsewhere. Swimming in a rich, aromatic broth that spurred us to lick our bowl and spoons clean.

Hillside lamb rack with pink pepper jus & Savoy cabbage. Probably the best of Aussie lamb, perfectly prepared. Somewhat simple compared to Bistro a Table's more elaborate recipes, but every bit as satisfying. Great meat requires few frills.

French white chocolate creme brulee with passion fruit pulp. This dessert will be part of a set menu on Wednesday, July 27, when Bistro hosts its first Singles Night at its communal table (romance will be in the air!). Looked like run-of-the-mill creme brulee, but boasted a luscious texture reminiscent of creamy mousse. The flavor was fantastic too, taking things beyond the vanilla variety.

White jasmine tea & champagne poached pear in sabayon-like cherry cream. Not to be gobbled in haste, since the intriguing infusion of tea & champagne provides subtle sensations that demand a little extra time and effort to properly relish.

Sixty Drops Sauvignon Blanc 2010 & Terrazas Malbec 2009.

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