Bistro a Table revised 2

July 21, 2011

Returning to Bistro a Table to see what's cooking these days.
Earlier entries: June 9 & June 12.

If an idle kitchen is the Devil's workshop, then Bistro a Table is securely in heaven. Much of the menu has changed since last month, with chef Isadora keeping busy by creating new pleasures, like cute little escargot pies baked with Cafe de Paris butter.

Brilliance in a bowl: French onion soup featuring a scoop of vanilla ice cream (!!!). The ice cream was so dense, it scarcely seemed to melt, but when we stirred it up, little by little, breaking the parmesan cracker, it imbued the hot, beefy broth with breathtaking sumptuousness. Savor this slowly, letting the components mingle and magically reveal the sum of their complexities.

Duck & raisin saucisson with lingonberry sauce. A harmonious blend of French and Scandinavian sensibilities; essentially dry-cured sausages, with a coarse, meaty mouthfeel that went very well with the faintly sweet, lightly jammy sauce.

Mushroom ravioles with goat's curd & pea mash. Another recipe that soared like a culinary symphony, with earthy, musky & sweet flavors playing off each other. Even the textures were a thrill; the mushrooms were gritty, the curd was creamy, and the pasta skin was like a soft, smooth blanket that held everything warmly together.

Stuffed quail with beetroot & orange salad. Tender cured meat that was really salty, but intentionally so. Once we mixed it with the potato mash & salad, it all made sense.

Pakistani mango pavlova with bitter lime rinds & white chocolate. One of 2011's most memorable desserts; Pakistani mangoes are much-coveted, thanks to their powerfully ripe flavor and rich fragrance. This combination of top-shelf ingredients was unparalleled, producing the best pavlova we've ever had.

Chateau Peyruchet Blanc 2010 & Chateau Peyruchet Rouge 2008.

Terrazas Malbec 2009.

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