Barcode @ Jaya One

April 25, 2012

A welcoming hangout with a massive menu; thankfully, the hits outstrip the misses.

Booze-laced recipes here include spicy seafood soup with julienne veggies and a dash of Sambuca. Hot, thick and tangy, but we can't tell if the anise-flavored liquor makes much difference.

Char-grilled chicken linguine, a fusion-style pasta with ginger and 'shau xhin' wine in brown sauce. The meat is marvelous _ succulent and flavorful in a lick-your-lips way that chicken rarely is. But the strands of linguine seem bland and characterless.

Barcode's version of poutine? Shoestring fries, topped with an enjoyably sloppy, savory mix of stewed beans, sliced sausages and assorted cold cuts. It's one fine mess.

Here's egg on our face: a thirteen-inch, thin-crust pizza, topped with turkey ham, salami, tomato, mozzarella and oregano. As tasty as it looks, maybe even more.

Cocktails galore: Income Tax (Bombay sapphire, vermont, orange juice, angostura bitter) and Barcode Specialty (Gordon's gin, mango liquor, basil, mango juice).

Fuck You Charlie (Jose Cuervo, elder flower, 'lit chao,' apple juice) and Barcode Shooter (Russian Standard, Bombay, Jose Cuervo, Bacardi Gold, Grand Marnier).

Spanish Fly (chivas regal, jose cuervo, martini rosso) and Japanese Slipper (midori, jose cuervo, lime, pineapple juice)

Barcode's house red and Hand Grenade (tequila, cranberry juice).

Level 1, Block M, Jaya One.
Tel: 03-7931-6980