Bar Madrid @ Jaya One

December 1, 2009

One of the most promising new outlets to hit Jaya One in a long time, Bar Madrid offers non-halal tapas that are reasonably priced and satisfyingly tasty.

Overall, it's good but not as great as El Meson, the other recently opened tapas joint (for reviews of El Meson @ Bangsar, see: Nov. 20, Nov. 26 & Nov. 28). Those three visits weren't enough to sample El Meson's many temptations, but Bar Madrid only needs one more trip.

Catalan Toast (baguette topped with serrano ham & manchego). This isn't wimpy bruschetta for the health-conscious; it's a sinful combo of carbs, protein and fat for hearty eaters.

Baked aubergines with mushrooms. Having recently watched Julie & Julia, I think it's safe to say that Julia Child would have approved of this creamy, cheese-laden concoction.

Butterfish with aioli on baguette. Slightly less guilt-inducing; the fish had a fresh, smoky flavour and wasn't too salty.

Chorizo Fritos (cured Spanish sausages). Tender and juicy, but we weren't too sure whether this was authentically Spanish. Tasted more like frankfurters.

Baked scallops topped with sofrito sauce. A light, tomatoish treat.

Grilled Iberico Pork Ribs. Requires 30 minutes of preparation, but worth the wait if you enjoy awesomely fatty, addictively succulent slabs of meat.

Piquillo peppers with seafood. Exuberant colours, vibrant flavours. We're major fans of recipes with minced meat or seafood stuffing, so this was one of our favourites that evening.

Ragout of Iberico on potato galette. Kinda oily, but this thick, boneless stew was really tender and flavourful. Comfort food for lazy carnivores.

Ladero Tempranillo. A bargain for RM70.

Bar Madrid,
Jaya One.