Bar Art @ Chinatown

February 1, 2012

The Warehouse at Chinatown has opened a new ground-floor bar, where customers can sip stellar cocktails before heading upstairs to Ril's Steakhouse for dinner.

The revamped furnishing here is replete with hipster quirks that feel evocative of Palate Palette, full of artistic flourishes & creative conversation-starters.

Take a table & admire the latest set of paintings on The Warehouse's walls, as mid-'90s Radiohead wafts in the background.

Sofas & couches are the comfiest choice ...

... but sitting on the floor is also an option.

Expertly executed, proudly potent: Rum Swizzle, Bermuda's national cocktail, featuring rum & bitters bolstered by the tropical tang of lemon juice, pineapple juice & orange juice.

Cherry Ting _ vodka, cherry brandy, bitters & best of all, a fresh, plump cherry at the base, soaking up the boozy brilliance.

Classic Martini (gin, with a whisper of vermouth) & Negroni (gin, campari, vermouth).

Tommy's Margarita (made marvelous with a splash of agave nectar) & Orange Daiquiri.

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Bar Art @ The Warehouse,
Jalan Tun H.S. Lee (Chinatown), Kuala Lumpur.