Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

November 10, 2009

Artista's tagline is "Where Food Meets Art in Perfect Harmony." As customers munch on offerings that range from pumpkin salads to Singapore laksa, they can also check out artwork for sale here and enjoy live musical performances.

Cous-cous salad with shaved fennel and minted yoghurt dressing. Might not impress jaded tastebuds but it was nonetheless competently prepared and reasonably priced.

Baba ghanoush and hummus with sliced baguettes and crudites. Tasted a bit artificial and not quite authentically Middle Eastern, but still an addictive snack.

Salmon fillet with baked olive paste on ratatouille with salmon essence sauce. A hearty, fresh-tasting chunk of fish, though slightly too dry for our liking.

Pearls of the Sea Spaghetti, with mussels, scallops and prawns in homemade tomato concasse. A little less than al dente, but worth ordering if you have an itch for pasta.

Generous pourings of house white wine.

Tropicana Shopping Mall.