January 5, 2011

As it turns out, all this place needed was some nip and tuck to look beautiful.

Recently refurbished, The Pub at Shangri-La has been renamed "Arthur's" and rebranded as a Manhattan-style bar and grill.

Live music is performed each night, but it's not the typical hotel lounge band. This one captivated us with evocative, jazzy renditions of "My Funny Valentine" and "You've Got A Friend." The volume is kept to a tolerable level, so customers can still converse easily.

We stopped by here after having dinner elsewhere and were too stuffed by then to really sample Arthur's menu of salads and grilled steaks, lamb, fish and prawns. Nothing that sounded terribly thrilling, but it might still be worth checking out in the future.

Nevertheless, there should always be room for dessert _ especially any as lovably luscious as this double chocolate mud cake with fudge & walnut butterscotch ice cream.

The Black Forest cake with cherry compote & chocolate sponge, served in a bowl and topped with choc ice cream, is Arthur's other signature dessert. A Kirsch-free version, but still rich and fresh-tasting enough to give up our diets for (oh wait, what diet?).

Chandon Prosecco (Australia). Bubbly makes the world go round (and round and round).

Mojito and Long Island Iced Tea. Potent cocktails that pack a powerful punch.

Arthur's Bar & Grill,
Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.