Amelio @ Desa Parkcity

February 20, 2012

A popular eatery with an alfresco terrace that overlooks a leafy playground, Amelio will likely please fans of well-prepared porky Western fare.

Pasta rarely gets heartier than this heap of hot spaghetti, showered with crisp mizuna leaves & savory, succulent pork sausages in gently tangy tomato cream. No problem finishing this one.

"Unbleached flour," "freshly made dough" & "stone oven" are phrases that explain why Amelio's pizzas are crisp, light & taste healthy. Vast varieties are available in personal & large servings (take that, Domino's!). This has roast pork shoulder strips, streaky bacon, cherry tomatoes, three cheeses, basil & oregano in plum tomato sauce.

Amelio's range of breakfast sets is also sweeping. For something basic, the baked eggs _ somewhat runnier than expected _ with bacon & bread might brighten the mood of the hungry. Prices should also raise a smile, since a nice lunch can be had for RM30 or less.

Not everything here contains pork, though only curmudgeons would complain about Amelio's French toast, simple but satisfactory, paired with a mushroom-filled omelet, fluffy & flavorsome.

Fudge-topped gelato is also available, assisting us to cool down on a hot, humid afternoon. Prepare to battle for tables indoors during peak hours, since everybody enjoys air-conditioning.

Heaven be praised, Amelio serves wine by the glass & the bottle at wallet-friendly rates.

Chardonnay & iced chocolate with marshmallows.

Hot latte for the evil teetotaler twins.

Amelio Artisan Breads & Bites,
First Floor, The Waterfront, Desa Park City.
Tel: 03-6280-7233
Open daily, morning through late night.