Allison's Place

November 22, 2011

A secret hideout of a cafe-store, chock-full of teak tables, mahogany cabinets & the most charming clutter that money can buy.

Real thought & effort have gone into Allison's menu, resulting in comfort food that transcends mere scrambled eggs. Thumbs up for the huevos rancheros _ piping-hot baked eggs made tangy with tomatoes, topped with super-creamy feta cheese & served with warm tortilla.

Fluffy frittata, filled with slow-cooked eggs, parmesan, potatoes, tomato salsa & sorrel. Much more flavorsome than any old omelet at high-profile outlets elsewhere.

Salmon-&-tuna akame fish cake with poached egg. Prices are encouragingly low; most items cost under RM20, so even a belly-busting meal with drinks won't exceed RM50 per person.

Pumpkin soup with cilantro pesto. A tangy Thai twist to perk up what would otherwise be a banal broth; it's like tom yam crossed with pumpkin soup, almost.

Almond-blanketed prawns with Oriental salad. The nuttiest crustaceans ever; a tasty testament to the crazy creativity of the folks here & their expert execution.

Complimentary moist dark chocolate cake. All in all, Allison's Place is a crackerjack venue for breakfast, lunch & tea.

Cranberry smoothie & cappuccino.

Mixed smoothies: apricot & oat bran, alongside banana & macadamia.

Allison's Place @ Damansara Heights,
8-1A, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur (behind Hock Lee mini-market).
Open Monday-Saturday, 8am-4pm.