Ales & Lagers @ Solaris Dutamas

March 29, 2013

Hidden on one of Solaris Dutamas least-traveled backstreets, Ales & Lagers is well worth the search for admirers of boutique beer.

A wide selection is stocked on these shelves; we might not exactly love beer, but we couldnt resist buying a few bottles that intrigued us ...

 ... from a crisp ale brewed with juniper berries for a subtle fruitiness ...

 ... to a honeyed one that bears the unexpected word organic on its label ...

 ... to this Japanese creation mixed with coffee for a cross between espresso & stout that might satiate fans of both coffee & beer.

Theres even this one with a potency that approaches that of wine. Almost, anyway. 

Ales & Lagers serves no food, but customers are welcome to bring their own & have a meal here.

Heres our top tip for Publika food-beer pairing: Head first to Bens Independent Grocer & buy a jar of Huey&Wah marshmallows made with real stout.

These stout marshmallows are commercially available for the first time in KL starting this week, brought in from Penang in limited quantities. Fluffy-pillowy & pleasurably bittersweet; a match made in eat-drink heaven with Ales & Lagers offerings.

If Huey&Wahs stout marshmallows are sold out, try the passion fruit or strawberry flavors, which could partner perfectly with Ales & Lagers ciders.
Earlier entry on Huey&Wah marshmallows: March 21.

Beyond marshmallows, theres a wealth of opportunities for what folks can take away from Publikas eateries & bring to Ales & Lagers to enjoy with beer. Perhaps oysters from Shucked in Bens Independent Grocer or fried rambutan with crab meat from Elegantology Gallery? 

Ales & Lagers (behind EspressoLab),
D1-G4-06, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Mon-Sun, 3pm-10pm.