Albion @ Berangan KL

December 28, 2009

Click here for earlier entry on Albion (December 21).

Albion is now fully up and running; the place is still quiet on weekdays, making it perfect for a peaceful, intimate dinner. And yep, the menu finally has prices on it: the starters and desserts generally cost below RM20, while the mains are between RM20-RM40.

Fish cakes with baby spinach & strawberry salad. Crisp and piping-hot.

Pork & prawn kofta with herb salad. Rather mild-tasting and ordinary.

Potato-wrapped pompano with asparagus, sweet corn and lemon butter sauce. A terrific fish, really moist and flavourful.

Quinoa & asparagus. Fewer guilt-inducing carbs compared to risotto, but (nearly) as tasty.

Slow-roasted pork belly with root veggies and apple. Tasted surprisingly healthy (but still reasonably succulent) for a pork belly dish.

Lemon tart and fruit compote. Had that lovely "freshly baked" aroma.

Espresso panna cotta. Silky smooth and bouncy.

Last Rites and Peanut Butter Martini. Really, really good cocktails.

House-pouring Chardonnay.

Jalan Berangan (beside Bar Italia).