January 7, 2012

It's astonishing that Akari has survived for longer than three years, considering the place seldom seems to have more than two or three occupied tables.

Nevertheless, the food here is indisputably good. Our favorite starter: the creamy avocado & tobiko salad with wasabi sauce.

More avocado _ this time, a sensational sushi topped lavishly with it.

Scallops with mentaiko & mayonnaise, swimming in savory succulence.

Inventive makis are among Akari's attractions. This Solaris Roll features salmon, asparagus, cucumber & crab sticks, topped with Hokkaido scallops & tobiko.

Cyatapira Roll, with eel, cucumber, avocado, bonito flakes & teriyaki sauce.

The bar stays open till past midnight, so head here if you're seeking serenity in the late hours.

Bohae Bokbunjaoo, a Korean raspberry wine best known for being featured at the 2005 official dinner of the APEC leaders' summit.

Akari Japanese Kitchen Bar,
Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6203-6885