Aiko QQ Rice @ Pavilion & Just Like It @ 1 Utama

June 8, 2013

Mall-hopping for snacks, starting at Pavilions Aiko QQ Rice on the Tokyo Street level.

Aiko offers rice balls that can be customized with nutrient-packed grains, including purple, red or brown rice, some mingled with barley, buckwheat, oats & cereal ...

... then stuffed with selections from a sweeping spread, such as sambal prawns, lobster salad, snow crab legs, unagi kabayaki, baby octopus, chicken bak kwa & more.

Some are prepacked, convenient for on-the-go eating. Tastes reasonably fulfilling too.

Not excessively expensive, with rice balls costing RM7.90 & smaller triangles at RM3.90.

Our other shopping stop supplies us with the sweet stuff: 1 Utamas Just Like It.

The liquid nitrogen ice cream concept here will be familiar to fans of N Brew (formerly at e@Curve, now at Mid Valley) & Pavilions OMG Ooh My Gas.

Just Like It is located outside 1 Utamas GSC multiplex, so the logical choice here is the popcorn ice cream, laced with real popcorn for a crunch that marvelously complements the ice creams soft smoothness.

Just Like Its flavors are fun: Rum & Raisin (delicious, despite being liquor-free), Durian & Passionfruit Maraschino might be some highlights. RM9.90 per small cup (which two can share).

Aiko QQ Rice @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Just Like It N2 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream @ 1 Utama