Acme Bar & Coffee revised

December 15, 2011

Acme @ The Troika: Round Four. Earlier entries: December 2, December 5 & December 7.

Lifting off with leafy loveliness: Acme's "Dunkin' Salad" is a simple low-carb substitute for bread with olive oil. This dynamic duo of honey romaine with a lemony dressing whets the appetite without stuffing the stomach. But no double-dipping, please!

Our favorite recipe at Acme so far is the grilled watermelon salad, thanks to titanic chunks of tender poached crab flesh, the sweet umami kick of mirin soy mayo sauce & the nutty crunch of toasted almonds. If we could order only one thing here, this is it.

Deep-fried cheese raclette, wine-poached pears & green apples. Another fun creation, with the juicy crispness of the fruits mingling well with the creaminess of the salty cheese.

A tale of two soups: black & white onion ones, bridged with a cheese stick. Visually intriguing; both onion-based, but they taste worlds apart _ the beefy black is the robust French version with caramelized onions, while the white evokes a milky Irish recipe.

Mushroom soup of morels, rice wine, ginger & man tao pua croutons. Could mushroom soup be richer or more luscious? One of the most satisfying ones we've had this year.

Spaghetti al caccio e pepe, the classic Roman concoction with parmesan & cracked black pepper. Ideal if you're seeking pasta stripped down to the basics, but it might lack the wow factor for customers desiring something more complex.

For an East-meets-West change from sea bass & cod fish, order the conveniently bone-free, massively meaty roasted stingray _ "ikan pari" given the Italian treatment with artichokes, capers, confit lemons & butter.

Succulent, slow-cooked smoked duck rendang, partnered with fragrant barley-laced nasi lemak & string beans. Near-perfect: we'd love a fully loaded plate of this with egg & anchovies.

Tangled up in tangy tropical notes: pineapple & coconut share the spotlight in a Pina Colada cake. Yes, we like Pina Coladas & getting caught in the rain (unless it causes traffic crawls).

Crunch time: Acme could have made this meringue plain & boring, but lacing it with raspberries proves that nothing half-baked ever comes out of the kitchen.

Belvedere vodka with Fever Tree mixer, alongside an Aperol-sparkling wine cocktail.

Dom Clos du Caillou Bouquet de Garriques, Cotes du Rhone.

Acme's upper-level loft is perfect for private functions, less boisterous than the outlet's main hall.

Acme Bar & Coffee,
ABC @ The Troika, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2162-2288