100 Maneiras

March 22, 2011

Portugal, Part II: One of Lisbon's most heavily hyped restaurants, for good reason. Service is sparkling, the setting is unpretentiously cozy and the food is impressive.

A la carte menus aren't available at this dinner-only outlet; every customer has no choice but to savor the same multi-course set, which 100 Maneiras changes each night _ reminiscent of KL's own Millesime.

Cod fish "clothes line." A playfully presented conversation-starter, comprising petite pieces of fish crackers. Crisp, very light and not oily at all.

Melon soup & foie gras bonbon. Ideal for whetting the appetite; the soup was cool and tangy, while the bonbon was a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth pleasure.

Marinated scallop with walnut oil, celery puree & truffle vinaigrette. The nuttiness of the oil was a superb foil for the smooth, fresh-tasting scallops.

Salmon tartar with elderberry flower cream, sesame pesto & pineapple mash. A luscious recipe with complicated flavors that linger long and lovingly on the tongue. Who says salmon has to be boring (even though it usually is)?

Squid ink vermicelli with baby squid. Boasted a slick brininess. Black is beautiful!

Sauteed meagre (a type of sea bass) with crushed potatoes & basil oil. A little less inspiring than the earlier courses; nothing wrong with this fish, but there was nothing revelatory in its taste and texture.

Palate-cleanser of mint & lime sorbet with champagne.

Rump cut beef with black beans, rice cake & Brazilian cabbage. Not the best cut of meat, but the alchemists in the kitchen managed to make this tender and flavorsome enough to enjoy.

Desserts comprised serra cheese ice cream with quince jelly & peach cheesecake. Forgot to upload those photos with the rest of this entry.

100 Maneiras,
Lisbon, Portugal.