Kopun, Taverna Sirena & Taj Mahal, Dubrovnik

August 31, 2018

As night falls on Dubrovnik, a magical glow descends on the old town's streets - turn a different corner and you'll discover intriguing restaurants like Kopun, a chicken specialist that serves a 16th-century recipe of capon stewed in a sauce of honey, oranges and white wine, as well as a risotto of capon with apricots, curd cheese and green pesto; round off the meal with rozata, a Croation flan-like pudding flavoured with rose liqueur.

At Taverna Sirena, the catch of the day is the recommendation, hauled in off the Dalmatian coast by dawn and served after dusk.

Taj Mahal tackles the cuisine of neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina - the speciality is veal and turkey rolled in dough with mushrooms and cheese.