How do I redeem my coffee?

1.      SIGN UP for an account on our website or LOG IN if you have an account (click signup -> open popup for sign-up page).

2.      At the top left corner of your phone, tap on your profile name and tap ‘Redeem’.

Redeem Tab.png

 3.      You'll be brought to the 'Redeem Coffee Pass' page. Select your subscription package. You'll be able to view available venues based on the subscription you have purchased. You won't be able to view the list of venues if you haven't made any purchases.

EDKL Select Restaurant Coffee pass.jpeg

4.      Select the name of the cafe and the type of coffee that you’re ordering. Then tap ‘Redeem’ when you’re placing your order at the cafe.

EDKL Select subscription Coffee pass.jpeg

Step 1: Select Venue when you arrive at the cafe, select your pass, then click ‘Next’.

Select Coffee Pass.png

Step 2: Select coffee available for redemption, then click 'Redeem.'

5.      A redemption code will be shown on your screen. Show the code to the waiter or cashier, and enjoy your coffee! Note: You will NOT need to pay for the coffee at the cafe.

Verification Code.png

Show the verification code to the waiter or cashier and wait for your coffee to be served.

Remember to key in your redemption only when you arrive at the venue. For any issues, please email [email protected] and we will investigate with the venue.